5 Morning Habits That Happy Couples Practice Daily

Most people, when talking about morning habits, refer to solo morning habits, those that you do by yourself like meditation, or exercising, or reading a few pages of a book per day. But have you ever thought of couple’s morning habits and how they can positively impact your relationship?

If you heard of the Pareto’s law, you know that in most things in life, 20% of efforts often lands you 80% of the results…and it is the same with morning habits for couples. They are small little things but when done consistently over time, make the relationship stronger.

In fact, these mornings’ habits are often one of the SECRET behind happy couples that help them maintain a strong bond and connection with each other.

So here are the top 5 morning habits that happy couples always do.

1. Kiss and Hug Your Partner

This is a must for a happy relationship.

Happy couples are often eager to hug and kiss each other every morning to the point that it becomes a second nature to them.

It fills their thoughts with positivity and help keep them connected, both physically and mentally.

Try it and see its effect.

It is probably the best way to start your day on a positive note and remind yourself what a blessing it is that you are you have someone who loves and cares for you.

Those who don’t practice that often fall into the trap of forgetting about feelings of care or mutual love they had for each other in the early days…

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2. Do Something For Each Other

One way happy couples show their love and care is through being at service to each other like making the breakfast for each other or bringing the coffee to bed. These are usually small things but they tend to make your partner’s morning nicer. It’s the little things that count and a lot of people will tell you how much these little things mean much more to them that anything else.

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3. Say I Love You Every Morning

A lot of people underestimate the power of these magical words in maintaining and nurturing the love and standing the test of time. and I was one of them to tell you the truth.

For a long time I thought that saying I love you every day might gets repetitive and boring over time.

I was very wrong, because it only gets boring and void of meaning when it is done automatically and mechanically.

So don’t make it an automatic thing. The secret is to say it from your heart and truly mean it and your partner will feel it when you speak from the heart and will respond to it.

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4. Compliment Each Other

We all love being complimented right? Who doesn’t.

One of the things that happy couples do differently is that they make them a daily habits, not necessarily only in the morning.

They will take every opportunity to say how nice their partner smells, how much their shirt looks great on them, how they love their new hairstyle.

Try it and tell me what you think.

5. Make Each Other Laugh

Last but not least, happy couples when they are morning people, manage to find reasons to laugh with each other every morning. They turn a kitchen disaster into a funny memory, they act silly to make their partner laugh, they make fun of each other, they contradict themselves, or they simply crack jokes with each other. Find your cup of tea.

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