8 Things Women Do That Turn High Quality Men Off

What are some of the things that turn off high quality men? Are they the same that what turn off any guy?

This is what this post is about…

For starters, I don’t know any woman who would not want to be with a quality man.

Every woman out there dreams of catching the eye of a high value man.

But as you can imagine, high quality men are quite rare and in high demand by women.

They can easily afford to have high standards when it comes to women because they have a lot of choice.

If you want to attract such a man, the least you should know is what could potentially turn him off so that you avoid screwing up your chances, because guys like that are hard to come by.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity – Seneca

So if you want to be a lucky girl, you need to be prepared when the opportunity comes along.

Now before we get to the turn offs, let me first share with you my definition of a high value man, which I am sure is shared by many other women.

To me, a high value man does not have a specific profile.

He does not practice a specific profession and does not come from a specific background.

Put it simply, A high value man is a man who 1. Has his life together 2. Is emotionally and financially ready to commit to a relationship (is relationship/marriage minded)

In other words, a quality man is someone who:

  • Does not live in a chaos ( Issues with his employer, his friends, his family, his creditors, still lives with his parents, not over his ex, has a lot of debt, addiction problems, gambling issues )
  • Is financially secure :  He either has a job and building a career, or building his own business
  • Has a vision of where he wants to be in life ( He does not have to have it all when you meet him but he needs to have a vision and putting actions towards achieving it)
  • Is looking to commit to a woman whom he can partner with in order to achieve that vision (You)

1. Need for validation

If you are the kind of girl who needs to get reassured and validated by her partner 24/7, you will push away high quality men.

High quality men are particularly turned off by insecure, needy, clingy women who lack confidence in themselves. They pick up on it fairly quickly because they know what a confident person is like.

If you have issues with confidence and self-esteem, the best thing to do is to work on them before you even try to find a high quality man.

The worst thing would be the meet such a man and to drive him away with your lack of confidence.

The following two posts can be a good start to work on your confidence and self-esteem.


2. Second guessing and over-analyzing

If you have the very bad habit of analyzing everything a man does or says to you, trying to guess what he is thinking and read his mind, you will also push away high quality men.

That is because a man will sense that you are trying to figure out things because you need to be in control, which reads to your fear of having them him slip out your fingers.


3. Playing Games

A high value man is by definition a mature man who does not have the time nor the energy to play games.

So if he senses that you are playing games, making him wait for hours to make a point, always waiting for him to call you or text you first, and generally not being spontaneous, he will be turned off by you quickly.

4. Negative

Life is hard enough so high value men don’t have time nor they want to expose themselves to unhappy and negative people.

They are looking for a blossoming, happy, positive, joyful and full of energy woman who they can enjoy life with.

So be that happy woman if you want to attract and keep a high value man.


5. Not very intellectual

I am not saying that you should have a Phd in order to attract a high quality man (sometimes it may even be not in your favor), but high quality men are usually successful men who exhibit intellectual curiosity to the least, and most often are looking for a woman who is well spoken, is able to have an interesting conversation and has some intellectual curiosity.

It is only natural that they won’t be attracted to someone with whom a conversation would be limited to what is on their Facebook news-feed, at least not for a long term relationship.

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6. Too much drama

No man is perfect. No man will fulfill your every needs. but if you react to that by nagging him and blaming him, you will drive a quality man away.

If you turn every small little thing into a big argument, he will not stick to you for long.

7. Ingratitude

High quality men are usually very genuine and very generous. When a high quality man does something for a woman, he most certainly does not expect anything in return.

That being said, he does expect her to appreciate the gesture and to be grateful.

High quality men know their value and do not like to be taken for granted by a selfish woman who is only there for what it is in it for her.

They would not take it even for one minute.

All a high value man wants from you is to notice all the nice things he does and to simply say thank you.

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8. Being trashy

Everyone’s taste is different, I get it.

But don’t they say “you dress for the job you want” ?

You can wear whatever you want whenever you want, but remember that what you wear tells a story about you…before you get to speak.

So it is important to know what kind of message you want to send to your date and to the world.

And I can tell you that much, men are visual creatures, they get excited by what they see, and a trashy outfit may (will) give them the wrong idea.

So it won’t put off all types of guys, but I can guarantee you it will seriously compromise your chances with a high quality man looking for a serious relationship.

For a first date for example, the best thing to do is to wear an outfit that you are comfortable in, that you wore before, that can be sexy but not trashy…

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