Friends With Benefits : Why It Is Not Worth It For Women

Friends with benefits generally refers to an arrangement between two people to have sex without having to label themselves anything or to commit to one another.

In theory, both parties involved are very clear on what they expect from the arrangement and get exactly that: Sex with no strings attached and Friendship.

In theory…because reality is usually far from that.

We women are sold the idea of FWB as an adventure, that it is exciting and mutually and equally beneficial for men and women.

For example, in this post, they talk about 5 perks of having a friends with benefit. Not least of which is that FWD is a judgment-free zone…Like really?

The fact is that men and women are two different creatures, both biologically and psychologically. and so the same thing does not affect us the exact same way.


1. It really benefits mainly men

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2. When there is sex, there is bonding

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3. It is a huge waste of time and energy

4. You will eventually get jealous

5. He does not really want you

6. It rarely turns to something serious

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