How To Make Your Man Miss You Like Crazy

If you can make someone miss you when you are not around you, you will be on your way to becoming his one and only.

But can you really make someone miss you?

Yes you can if you make yourself indispensable to his happiness.

Follow these 10 simple tips that I am going to talk about and let the magic operate.

These tips work wonders at the beginning of a relationship but could also prove effective at any stage of the relationship.

Any woman who has the right attitude and knows to push the right buttons can trigger in a man a deep bond to her, which is foundation of any long lasting relationship.

1. Build incredible memories when you are with him

If you want a man to miss you, it is important that he associates you with powerful positive feelings in his mind.

You want him to see you as a source of happiness and euphoria in his life. You do this by building amazing memories when you are together so that he will think about them and will want to revisit them when you are not around and will crave being with you again.

Take every opportunity to create a relaxing, fun and joyful environment and he will want more of it when you are not around.

2. Compliment him a lot when you are with him

We all love compliments especially when they come from someone who matters to us.

But this statement holds true particularly for men because a man’s dearest and deepest desire is to be admired by his woman.

So don’t shy away from telling him how handsome he is, how he looks sexy in a particular outfit or how he impressed you with his knowledge or expertise about a particular topic. I promise you that he will remember all these compliments and this will make him miss you even more.

3. Don’t initiate calls or messages

If you want your man to miss you, you have to give him some space until he thinks about you spontaneously.

You cannot achieve that if you are always initiating the calls and messages.

For a while, take the decision of not initiating any calls or messages even if it means you have to wait for days before you hear from him.

And when you hear from him, you can be sure that you only hear from him because he missed you.

4. Avoid excessive communication

Similarly, even when it is him who starts the conversation, if this is all you need to send him hundreds of texts or have hours long conversations, then you will never give him a chance to miss you.

Keep the interactions light and short if you don’t want him to get tired of you and be the first to end the conversations.

5. Lay low on your social media

Social media has revolutionized the way we interact and keep in touch with each other in many good ways but when it comes to love affairs, I think it did more harm than anything else.

If you want your man to miss you, you should refrain from updating your social media profiles and posting pictures of you and status updates all the time.

Again the idea is to create some space for him to miss you and he cannot get to that if he keeps seeing you on his social media news feed.

You can go even further and use social media to your advantage by alternating long periods of absence and short periods of social media presence. This will create a bit of mystery around you and will tease his curiosity.

6. Leave something of yours at his place if you don’t live together

There is nothing more powerful than a personal belonging to remind us of someone.

If you intentionally leave a personal item at his place like a worn piece of clothing, shoes, a bag, a jewelry or a book ( something personal enough), he will think of you every time he sees it and this will ensure that you are always on his mind.

7. Wear the same perfume everyday

Do you have a favorite perfume that your friends and colleagues recognize you by? A recognizable smell is also another powerful memory triggers.

I know that first hand because a lot of people recognize me at my perfume (J’adore of Dior which I have been wearing for the last 10 years).

So make sure to wear the same perfume to leave a mark on his mind and create a mental association between you and the smell and he will think of you whenever he comes across the same smell…very powerful.

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8. If you live together, encourage him to spend time apart

When you live with your loved one, it is very important to spent time apart if you want him to miss you and not consider you as part of the decor.

I know it’s easier said than done when you are so much in love and you want to spend every minute with the other person, but if you do not want him to get bored of you because you are constantly on him, you have to force yourself not to be with him all the time.

You do that by setting a time to do your own thing and encourage him to do the same and sticking to it. It could be spending with your own friends, taking care of yourself or doing the hobby that you love.

The following tips are particularly helpful when your man is pulling away from you, getting colder and losing interest in you.

9. Redirect your energy onto something else when you are apart

If you feel that the guy is pulling away and getting colder for no apparent reason, the worst way to spend the time apart is to constantly think about him or obsess over why he is distancing himself from you.

What you should do instead is redirect all your energy towards something completely different. I know it is very hard to do if you really like or love him, but you won’t pull him back to you if you focus entirely on him. Remind yourself that he is not the only guy on the planet and that you deserve someone who is 100% into you.

The other important thing is to carefully choose where to put your focus on because that is what is going to ensure you are not going to mess up your chances with him. You need to focus on something that procures you at least the same level of joy as being with this guy. That could be something you really like to do and so will take up all of your attention or it could be seeing other guys which will give you some perspective.

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10. Change something significant about you

Another way to get a man’s attention after he has gone cold is to change something significant about you. This is the time to get the makeover you always wanted: get new clothes, try a new haircut or start a diet to lose weight.

The act of changing your appearance in a noticeable way will achieve many things and will definitely tease his curiosity and make him wonder what else about you has changed and why you are making these changes:

  1. You will actually feel good about yourself and will have more confidence attracting guys like him or even better than him. you will start seeing him as just one guy among many.
  2. You will signal to him that you are not waiting around and that you are moving forward and working on becoming a better version of yourself, preparing yourself for a better future.

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