How To Make Him Regret Losing You

If you are looking to make a man regret losing you, chances are he is the one who left you. He hurt your feelings and walked away from you, he made you feel not worthy, not good enough and that he can do better without you, he may even have left you for another woman after you have given him your all.

We have all been in that situation once in our life and the first reaction most of us have is to try and win him back.

Eventually we lose all hope of rekindling the romance and some of us turn into revenge mode and want to do as much damage as we can.

While causing damage might get you some quick and short term satisfaction but this is not how you are going to make him realize what he had and regret that he lost you.

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Instead, there is something much more powerful that does not leave any man indifferent and will make him realize what a unique person he had and regret losing you.

That one thing plays on a man’s ego like nothing else, which is the most powerful force that drives a man’s entire life.

The best revenge is massive success – Frank Sinatra

The only thing that would make a man regret losing you is if you level up every inch of yourself and replace him with better than him.

That’s when he might even want you back.

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You need to understand that the reason he left you in the first place is because he perceived you as low value…not good enough for him, so by getting with someone better than him, you send the strongest signal that you are higher value than he thought…because someone better than him thinks you are by being with you…you get me?

Nothing will shake a man’s ego more than being replaced by a higher status man…someone with more money, of a higher social status, or a better career and overall more successful than him.

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When you understand that concept, you realize that there is no need to chase behind a man when he leaves and all you need to do is turn all your focus inwards and to immediately upgrade on him by dating a better man and watch him running back to you.

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That is why it is advised to always be at your best especially when you are in a relationship and not let go of yourself, because you never know when your man might leaves you, and if he suddenly does, you find yourself ready to get to the next better one.

it is a sad reality that we all have to face that you can never really settle in a relationship and believe in the happily ever after because there is always a possibility that he leaves, be in 0.00001%

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I learned that the hard way when my own husband left me at the worst possible time of my life when I was exhausted from work, had low self esteem and took very little care of myself.

It took me a while to get back on track but I eventually did.

Of course my husband had nothing to regret because he did not feel he was leaving a high value woman behind and I gave him every reason not to think that.

Moral of the story: don’t make my mistake and be always ready to get better every time you are left by someone.

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People will come and go in your life and that goes for your romantic partners too until you eventually find someone who will be a perfect match and would want to commit to you.

The only mindset that will get you ahead in life is to not cry over your losses but immediately look for a better opportunity.

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