5 Reasons He Stopped Chasing You

“He pursued me at first, then suddenly stopped and pulled away”

Does that sound familiar?

The fact that he pursued you for a period of time is already a good sign and an indication that he was interested in you at first.

So what happened? What made him make a U turn and stop chasing you?

Well, In my experience, there are many things that could make a man suddenly stop pursing a woman but there are certainly 7 very common reasons that I am going to list in this blog post:

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1. He’s dating other people

Dating apps and technology may have made it very hard to find someone with whom you have a genuine connection, but they have made it extremely easy to meet new people.

Meeting a new person (and all the adrenaline rush and excitement that come with it) is literally only a swipe away.

So I would not be surprised if the guy who was pursing you has just returned to his favorite dating app and is seeing other people at the moment.

In fact, this is probably the biggest reason why someone who was chasing you is no longer doing it.

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2. He’s turned off

Many of my male friends admitted to me that they were completely turned-off by a small detail about a woman they were dating, and I was surprised by how often that detail was so insignificant to me and would have been so for most women.

Depending on which category your man belongs to, your little imperfection will either trigger his instincts and stimulate his desire for you, or not bother him, or in the worst cases turn him off completely.

Men are extremely visual and they notice things that you may not even notice about yourself.

They could also be turned off by your attitude or a trait of your personality.

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I heard men saying they were turned off by:

  • The size of her toes
  • Something about her hair
  • Her natural smell (She could be perfectly clean but he did not like the natural smell of her body)
  • The touch of her skin (He just does not like the feeling of her hands on his body)
  • She talked too much (It got to a point where it irritated him).

He could have noticed it early on in the dating process, but he ignored it and continued pursuing you until it became omnipresent and completely eliminated any erotic desire he may have had for you.

3. He feels like a backup

If you date a man for the wrong reasons ( trying to get over your ex or using him as an option filling the void in your life until you meet someone you really like ), he will eventually feel it and realize he has been just a backup plan for you and will stop pursuing you.

Men are quite good at spotting the signs of being a rebound or a back up plan and it usually turn them off.

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4. He doesn’t see it going anywhere

In my experience, men that I came across seems to know exactly what they want.

And it is even more true when it comes to women.

While they might not know if you are the one after a few dates, but they will know if you are not the one for them over a short period of time.

And usually when they figure this out, they seemingly disappear or even ghost.

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5. He is scared of commitment

You may have come across as the sort of person who wants a committed relationship and he simply realized that he is not ready for it.

It happens quite often that a man will be very much into someone but will get turned off the moment he considers moving to the next level.

6. You played hard to get for too long

In my experience, modern men have even lower tolerance for games particularly playing hard to get.

It may have annoyed and frustrated him and he decided that he did not want to entertain that dynamic.

There is a difference between playing hard to get which can come across as childish and being hard to get which comes across as high value.

This is why my advice to women is to be hard to get aka to not settle easily but

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7. He run away because of your behavior

Too controlling, too masculine, too needy and clingy.

She irritated him ( too bossy, too masculine, too feminist…this is not a joke)

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