11 Signs A Man Really Likes You

Can you tell if a guy is into you without him admitting it to you? What are the signs that a guy likes you? “Is he really into me? Or is he just being nice?”

Most men will not come out and tell you they like you or that they want to be with you.

Many reasons for that, they could lack confidence, they could be shy or they want to protect their ego from a rejection.

But despite these reasons, it’s in men’s nature to take risks too. Without risk, there is no reward.

So here is how it plays out:

When a guy likes you, he is more likely to slowly approach you and play a dance with you. He is likely to give you hints rather than be direct with you, making you guess his true intentions towards you and giving you a chance respond to his advances and decide if he wants to keep pursuing you.

The more accurately you can read his signals, the better you can spot the right guy and the quicker you can rule out time wasters.

How can you tell?


1. He made the first move

This is undeniably the ultimate sign that a guy likes you ( at least from a physical attraction stand point). Most men approach women they are attracted to, even when they are shy.

If a man crosses the room to take a seat beside yours. If he found a way to sneak in a conversation you were already having with someone else. If he directly introduce themselves to you (The confident ones) or if he sends you an email or a private message or add you on Linkedin (when he is a colleague), you can be certain he likes you.

2. He wants to get to know you

After approaching you, if he he seems to be interested in you as a person and he wants to get to know you. You could tell if he asks you questions about your life, your family, your hobbies, your favorite meals..etc.

3. He tries to be funny

From experience, men love to make the women they like laugh.

If they make us laugh, it is a sign that we like them and that they are doing a “good job”. So cracking jokes and trying to be funny is a well-known seduction technique used by men…hence it is a sign he is into you.

4. He is on his best behavior

If a man likes you, he will be on his best behavior as shown by a research published February 2, 2012, in the British Psychological Society’s British Journal of Psychology. He will be exceptionally nice, eloquent, and courteous.

He will offer to walk (or drive) you home. He will be polite and will show you his best side. He will treat you and will probably pay on the first date.

5. If he is smiling a lot

If you have even observed two people happily dating, you probably saw them having wide smiles most of the time.

Smiling is a natural expression of happiness, so when a guy is genuinely smiling at you, he is into you.

6. He compliments you

If a guy really likes you, complimenting you will come naturally to him.

He will compliment you on your looks and will tell you how gorgeous he finds you. He will tell you what he likes the most about you and what traits of your personality he adores. If you receive genuine compliments from a man, he is very likely to be into you and is certainly not indifferent to your charms.

7. He looks for reasons to touch you

Look, it is never innocent when someone makes physical contact with you, unless it is obvious that it happened by accident.

A guy who likes you will be drawn to you and eager to make physical contact with you. Not all men are brave enough to take the risk but when they do, it means they are into you.

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8. He is patient

A guy who really likes you for the right reasons (Check out how to spot a Fuckboy) will show patience when it comes to hitting milestones with you.

He will ensure to first make you comfortable and will never push to get anything from you. He will allow the relationship to move forward on your terms at the appropriate pace because he doesn’t have a short term perspective on you unlike someone who just wants to get into your pants.

9. He follows through

A guy who really likes you will always follow through with his promises and the plans he makes with you.

A guy who likes you is consistent in his words and actions. A guy who likes you is unlikely to cancel dates unless he really has a last minute emergency. He will make sure to set plans with you in advance and not leave you wondering if he will respond to your text messages or calls.

A guy who likes you will not give you any “maybes”, “we’ll see”,”I will let you know”, “I am busy”.

A guy who likes you will not ghost you nor would he come back months later with some shitty excuse as to why he has never returned your calls or text messages.

10. He initiates most of your interactions

A guy who likes you takes the initiative to call and text the majority of the time. A guy who he is into you will hardly play any games with you because he will be afraid to mess up his chances if things don’t go as planned.

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11. He invests in you

Finally a guy who really likes you invests in you, emotionally, financially and with his time:

  1. He will wants to see you and spend time with you
  2. He will make time for you and you will feel you are a priority over other important aspects of his life ( work, friends…etc)
  3. He initiates calls and text messages
  4. He plans dates in advance
  5. He offers to pay for dates
  6. He buys you little gifts
  7. He opens up about himself to you
  8. He makes effort like picking you up or crossing half the city or the country to see you
  9. He introduces you to his friends and family
  10. He is there for you when you ask for help

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