The Best Sites And Apps To Meet Rich Men

If you are reading this post, I bet you are a woman ( or a gay man) who knows exactly what he/she wants out of a relationship with a man and is not afraid to go after it.

Luckily, what once seemed reserved to a close circle of elites is very much democratized and accessible thanks to the internet ( Times have changed).

To help you out in your quest, I have put together a list of the best sites to meet rich wealthy men:

1. ( Join here )

Millionairematch is a website catered to connect financially successful singles with attractive singles (or both at the same time).

They have been in business for over 18 years and is probably one of the oldest sites on the wealthy dating scene.

According to, the site has over 3.8 million users worldwide and 2.6 users in the US only. Mostly men have a gold membership or a certified millionaire badge (Meaning that financial status of the members was verified).

Among their client are CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, and even Hollywood celebrities who are all seeking millionaire dating opportunities and a serious, long-term relationship.

Each profile is reviewed by staff before approval to ensure all members are authentic.

This is not a sugar daddy/sugar baby type of website and they make it very clear on their home page.

This is for people who are genuinely looking for love but are very specific as to what level of financial success/ attractiveness they have in mind.

The free membership gives you access to a good bit of features like replying to messages, so it is definitely worth signing up and see what is out there for you.

2. ( Join here ) claims to be the number website of the millionaire dating scene.

The platform targets rich wealthy men and women who are looking forward to enjoying the company of attractive adorable individuals.

This is not a sugar daddy/ sugar baby website but for people who are genuinely looking for a relationship.

If you are looking to meet a genuine millionaire, this is the website for you (All their profiles are verified by their staff members).

Joining is free and gives you access to their search feature where you can find filter by your requirements and find suitable matches and if you are a sugar baby, you can send and receive messages for free.

Another interesting feature is that you can choose to remain anonymous so that only your photos shows up on the search result.

3. ( Join here ) is another dating site that claims very high standards when it comes to their matchmaking process.

As the name suggests, this is a sugar daddy/ sugar baby site that targets specifically people seeking these types of arrangements.

The site is specifically designed to connect attractive women to successful affluent men and is committed to creating quality relationships where both sides know exactly what to expect from one another and the relationship.

Their success relies heavily on the quality of their members, which is why they have strict guidelines and they review each profile to ensure that a standard level of quality is met.

Again you can join for free, and see by yourself what the site is like.

4. ( Join here )

Also known as This is yet another perfect site to find a potential sugar daddy that claims to be the leading Sugar Daddy website with over 10 million members.

The site promotes mutually beneficial relationships where both parties can set their expectations from the very start and find honest arrangements which work for them both.

The site offers a number of features including real time messaging, sharing private photos, invitations to exclusive seekingarrangement parties, free membership for sugar babies and free premium membership to students registering with their university email address.

If you are a student looking to potentially receive a monthly allowance from a sugar daddy, look no further.

5. ( Join here )

Would you like to be paid just to show up to a date?

It may sound crazy but to to the creator of who designed this website to do just that. is a very original dating site to say the least. Although it does not specifically target rich individuals, the matching process is based on placing bids for a first date, very much like an auction, hence the name of the site.

Members can put bids on profiles they are interested in going on a date with and an offer is locked in when the member subject to the bid ( you for example) can decides are happy with the bid and decide which $ offer to go for.

The price is expected to be paid on the first date along with all the date expenses, so you can easily imagine that only generous people with large pockets would be interested in this kind of dating. Joining is made very easy and is totally free.

6. ( Join here ) is not specifically catered to matching wealthy individuals but this dating site attracts mainly mature and educated professionals who are very likely to be well off at the very least, and who are genuinely looking for love.

Most of their members are 30+ and over 80% of them have a university degree.

Their matching process takes into account a personality profile modeled after the five factor theory and other factors such as your own preferences, education level and location  to deliver 3 to 7 matches a day.

They also claim to validate every profile to ensure no scam and fake profiles.

Joining is completely free and gives you access to a number of features like creating your profile and uploading your photo, viewing your personality test results, receiving partners suggestions and sending smiles and likes. And you can always upgrade if you need more features.

They offer 3 Premium membership options depending on how long you need to use the site, Prices are as of this day:

3 months , $57.95 p/m

6 months, $44.95 p/m

12 months, $31.95 p/m

In my opinion, this is a very good dating site for a woman living in a big city and simply looking for 30+busy and successful men who are looking for love but simply do not have the time to look around for a partner.

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The free subscription is very encouraging because you can sign up and try the site and simply leave if you do not like it.

The Paid Premium membership option is also a very good point because it indicates that you are likely to be matched with singles who take dating seriously enough to pay for it.

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