Top 3 Traits Of A High Value Woman

There is no real secret to becoming a high value woman, but there are traits that all high value woman share.

Being a high value woman has everything to do with the mindset and the attitude and very little to do with the looks she is born with.

People are not born high or low value…so it’s not something these women are born with. it is something these women have become.

in this post, I am sharing the top 3 traits of a high value woman. You can check out the more details post of the 8 traits that will make you a high value woman here.

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1. A strong self-esteem from the inside

A high value woman knows her worth, plain and simple.

She radiates confidence and self-esteem and people get drawn to her by an invisible force that comes from the inside.

She does not derive her sense of self from external things like her social or her relationship status nor her success, but rather from how she feels about herself inside and the value she bring to herself and the people around her.

For example, she can lose her job in a top tier company but still be a good friend, a good daughter and feel great about herself…the job is an external thing that she never relied on to define who she is as a person.

A high value woman is well aware of her worth and does not seek validation from anyone but herself.

She welcomes criticism as it does not hurt her feelings but rather gives her an opportunity to grow and improve.

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So my number one advice for you to begin your transformation into a high value woman is to work on your self-esteem from the inside.

Here are 6 things you can do to boost your self-esteem:

  • Know your worth: The first thing to start from is be clear on your worth, most of people do not give themselves enough credit for who they are and what they have accomplished. When you do not know your worth, you are always selling yourself at a discount, and guess what? It only attracts discount hunters, so know your worth and attract the person you deserve.


  • Ignore people who undermine you, have the courage to get rid of them, because you really do not need them in your life. You need to realize that they are a real obstacle on your quest for a better self-esteem…so get rid of them

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  • Celebrate even the small wins. Learn how to praise yourself every time you accomplish something. Trust me every accomplishment is worth celebrating and you should never underestimate its value.


  • Take care of yourself…you deserve it just for the person you are. Take care of your health, your well being and your appearance.


  • Stop the negative self-talk and self criticism, One of the worst habits that seriously damages your self-esteem is negative self-talk. You can assess your actions and your results but you should separate your identity as a person from the things you did wrong. These things do not define who you are, because you can always work on them and change for the better. Practice positive affirmations whenever you say to yourself that you are not worthy or not enough.

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  • Practice gratitude every day, remind yourself how lucky you are to be alive and of all the good things in your life and the great people you have around you.

Strong self-esteem can only come from within ( This is what inspired my blog’s name btw).

if you are interested in the topic of self esteem, check out my more in depth post on how to improve your self esteem.


2. Femininity

To be a high value woman, you need to be feminine when you are with your man.

and note I am saying “When you are with your man”.

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That is because each one of us has some feminine and masculine, so you do not need to suppress all your masculine side in order to be a high value woman.

In fact you need your masculine energy in order to survive in a increasingly competitive world, but in your relationship, you need to learn how to switch to your feminine side.

In a relationship, a masculine man is looking for his opposite which is a feminine woman.

A man wants a soft, caring and nurturing woman who he can lose himself. He is also looking for the woman he can protect and take care of because it makes him feel like a man.

When you surrender to your feminine side, you become naturally irresistible to men, and that’s a key characteristic of a high value woman.

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Here is an excellent book on femininity if you want to learn about how to become femininely beautiful  The Lost Art of True Beauty: The Set-Apart Girl’s Guide to Feminine Grace” by Leslie Ludy

3. Self Love

You can only be a high value woman if you overflow yourself with love.

So many women have no idea that they suffer from a love deficiency…not realizing that it is the source of a lot of their trouble.

They are constantly looking for love on other people’s eyes when the answer lies within themselves.

Loving one-self in a healthy way is not selfish but is absolutely necessary.

So how do you love yourself?

  • Put yourself first at all times and treat yourself with care and kindness. There is nothing wrong with that. How do you do it? By listening to your internal voice and what you really want. Most of people who don’t love themselves dismiss the internal voice and are only left with other people voices to guide them. Naturally, they end up putting themselves last because most of other people work on their best interest, not yours.

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  • Accept yourself unconditionally with your successes and your failures and practice forgiving yourself for past mistakes.


  • Have compassion for your own feelings before anyone else’s. (If you feel sad because someone walked away from you, you should feel sad for your own pain and try to focus on how not go through it again, rather than how you can get him back).

People will treat you the way you treat yourself, so if you treat yourself well, people have no other choice but to do the same, because they will be out of your life otherwise.

Here is a good read on self-love by Louise Hay ” Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook “ where she shares practical techniques of self-love and positive thinking that apply to many areas of life.

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A final note

If you want to be high value women, you will need to start from your self-esteem and love for yourself.

It’s only after you get this right that you will be able to develop the other traits of the high value woman.

Besides having a rock solid self-esteem, a high value woman has a life she is madly in love with.

That is how she does not settle for less than what she deserve, because she already has an awesome life. She does not look for a man to complete her, and she is ready to walk away if he does not meet her standards.

That does not mean she is a powerful masculine woman, quiet the contrary, she is a powerful feminine woman.


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