Women Tell 41 Of The #1 Most Useful Dating Advice They Ever Received

As I was scrolling down my Facebook News feed, I came across a post where someone was asking what is the single most useful piece of dating advice you have received.

The post had a lot of engagement meaning people do receive dating advice, they might not always follow them.

So I thought I’d hand pick the best and the most relevant for you ladies.

My personal favorite and the best one I received myself is to not listen to words and watch their actions.

  1. Don’t believe a word they say believe there action
  2. Don’t move in together soon!
  3. Make sure you love and know yourself before loving or getting to know someone else.
  4. Don’t be hasty hobbit.
  5. Don’t compete with each other
  6. Patience, do not rush a thing. It sounds silly but it’s so worth it. Get to know the person your with DONT rush.

Note: The patience one came back 5 times in the following form, so it’s quite an important one:

Take your time and get to know someone before you can call it official

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Slow down and get to know one another

Only fools rush in

  1. Pay attention to every red flags and listen to your gut feeling.

Note: this one came back 4 times, When someone shows you who they are, believe them!

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  1. Protect and maintain your own individuality
  2. Don’t chase a man, let him chase you
  3. Learn to only trust yourself, no one is going to defend you no matter what
  4. Have standards: If you show someone you’ll eat S*** that’s all they’ll feed you.
  5. Don’t settle for mediocrity.. anything less that extraordinary is a waste of your time
  6. This one came back 3 times: Have standards and don’t settle for less than what you deserve

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  7. Don’t look for it, go be you. If it comes along, great, but if not, oh well you’re doing what you want and nobody can shit on it
  8. Don’t try to be liked at all costs, Everyone isn’t going to like you BUT that don’t lower your value not
  9. Date for marriage, not for fun
  10. Know your worth : To remember what I deserve
  11. effort is a reflection of their interest in you
  12. For women: treat a man how you would like a woman to treat your (future) son.
  13. Love isn’t something you look for. It’s something you find.
  14. Don’t focus in finding (don’t search/look for anyways) the right or a good person. Focus on being the good person.
  15. Trust your instincts.
  16. Communicate!!! Doesn’t matter what it’s about!! Just remember It’s not what u say, it’s how u say it!!
  17. And listen to understand not to respond!!
  18. Never settle
  19. Don’t go chasing waterfalls and to stick to the rivers and lakes like I’m used to.
  20. Resolve small conflict with Rock Paper Scissors
  21. Finding your purpose first
  22. No random hook ups
  23. Don’t take men projects. It’s not your responsibility to fix them.
  24. Just be honest with your intentions
  25. Be friends first.
  26. Guard your heart
  27. Always drive your own car
  28. Leave after the first time they cheat. Don’t think seeing the hurt in your eyes will make them not do it again.
  29. Another action.
  30. You must love yourself first before you can expect others to do the same.
  31. Find happiness in independence. If no great love finds its way onto your path, be happy in knowing that your path was still as great as it could be while being just yours.
  32. Don’t be in a hurry to get married. Enjoy your youth, explore, travel, accomplish education and career goals first.
  33. Don’t have kids for first 5 years
  34. Love isn’t always a feeling. It’s a commitment.

And you? What is the best dating advice you ever received ==> Comment below.

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